BANDIMEX STAINLESS STEEL BANDING and BUCKLE SYSTEMS are an extremely flexible clamping system which is available in many widths including
Jumbo Band. The steel banding material comes in two stainless steel grades i.e. SS 316 and SS 314. The Bands clamping system are very suitable for a wide range of daily applications and harsh environments. The benefits of this clamping system are many and with the production of a special made clamp which help to eliminates the requirement to keep many stock of various type of clamps.

By using Bandimex Band, Bandimex Tool and Bandimex Buckles, a clamp easily fits any diameter. Various shape can be quickly strap with ease at a much lower cost. Bandimex continuous banding system straps, clamps, tightens and secures many things e.g. power cables, hoses, poles, pipes, junction boxes, road signboards. The SS bands edges are fully rounded for safety and also to protection the surfaces that it is strap to. It can also be wrapped around many times to provide much more radial compression of a single banding which makes it very suitable for heavy duty applications.